On approaching Chain On Immigration Services Ltd for advice we will talk to you about what you want to achieve and what your current situation is. On accessing the information we will discuss with you the options. If we see any potential areas of risk for your application we will make this very clear to you so there are no surprises.


Once you are clear on the application process and any risks that may be associated with your application we will present you with a Client Engagement Contract to sign. On having it explained to you and on your signing you will receive a copy for your records. We will also pass onto you other documents at this time including a application document check list and the IAA Advisers Code of Conduct.


The application will only be submitted once we have all the relevant information and documents as required by Immigration New Zealand.


We will liaise with Immigration New Zealand throughout the process and pass on updates on your application to you.


Whether you the client are located in New Zealand or Off Shore we are able to assist you with all your Immigration matters.