Chain On Immigration Services Limited are here to help you the client acheive your goal and to do that we have a step by step process that enables you the client to be informed every step of the way throughout the process…


First step:

Initial Meeting: on you approaching us is to meet with the Immigration Adviser to establish some back ground information such as what is your current status, what visa are you wishing to obtain, are there any past issues we need to be aware of, any medical or police issues we need to be aware of, are ther other persons to be included in the application…

If you are unable to meet at the office for a face to face meeting this can be done by e mail or phone call.

Based on the information given we can now assess you ability to obtain the visa.  If any potentail issues are forseen these will be raised with you.  This enables us to operate with the client on a no surprsies policy.


Second step:

The contract: on the client been satisified with the discussion and understanding of the immigration  process the client will receive a contract from Chain On Immigration Services Limited that will be between the company and the client.  This contract will outline clearly what services the client wants us to represent and carry out on your behalf, outline of the fees and when payable for the service and highlight each parties obligations to ensuring a successful outcome.

On both parties signing the contract you will also receive some other documents such as the IAA Advisers Code of Conduct and a check list of the required documents.

You will be given a signed copy of the contract for your records to accompany the other documents that you received from us.


Third step:

The application: Now that we are representing you we will immediately begin working towards the submission of your application.   We will only submit your application once we have received all the required documents from you to satisfy the requirements of Immigration New Zealand.

Once all the application is complete your application will be submitted to Immigration New Zealand.  You will be notified by our company advising you that the application has been submitted.


Fourth step:

The process:  we will follow your application through to completion and communicate with Immigration New Zealand as and when required on your behalf. You will be informed of all our communications so you are fully up to date on progress each step of the way.


Fifth step:

Once an application outcome is known you will be notified immediately.  When your new visa is returned to us in your passport you will be notified to come and pick it up.